This past week Esser Plumbing & Heating came to the rescue for a business that has a frozen city water main. The business was at a standstill until Chris Laudenbach, Esser’s Master Plumber, came up with a unique plan to supply the business with water until the pipes thawed. He installed a 500 gallon water tank, piped the necessary lines and hooked up a pump for the business to function as usual. Laudenbach said, “The business couldn’t afford to wait for the water main to thaw, they had already started to send business away. Since it could be up to a month with the snow and cold weather, I figured out a solution for them.” The business is up and running again and stated they appreciated Laudenbach’s quick thinking. Customer service at Esser’s is our top priority. If you need assistance with plumbing, call Esser’s – we can help!