Plumbing emergencies happen.

Below you’ll find four common emergencies and how best to fix the issue.

1. Clogged Drains

  • Causes: Damaged pipes or foreign objects like hair or grease.
  • Signs: Slow draining water.
  • What to do: Try to unclog with a plunger. If that doesn’t work, call your plumber

2. Burst Pipes

  • Causes: Freezing temperatures, water pressure problems, old or damaged pipes.
  • Signs: Water coming out of your walls or ceiling, low water pressure.
  • What to do: Turn water off at the main shut off valve. Then, call your plumber.

3. Leaking Fixtures

  • Causes: Damaged fixtures, aging pipes, or rust and sediment in the water.
  • Signs: Constant drip from the faucet(s) or a rising water bill.
  • What to do: Turn off the water supply to the fixture. Then, call your plumber.

4. Sewer System Backup

  • Causes: Aging system and/or tree roots growing into the sewer line.
  • Signs: Multiple drain clogs, sewer odor from the drains and/or gurgling toilets.
  • What to do: Call your plumber right away!